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Entries from July 2013

Causing Little Ones to Stumble

July 28th, 2013 · Comments

In this message, Steve Tramel shares that the biggest problem Christians today face is idolatry, which may not be what we  previously considered it. It can be limiting one's relationship with God to depending on Him for material needs or wants. What this means for modern Christian American parents is that we mustn't spoil our children, instilling a materialistic desire in their minds. Dr. Tramel gives advice on how we can overcome American idolatry. 


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Faith on Film: Turbo

July 21st, 2013 · Comments

Pastor Kevin uses the abilities obtained by the snail Turbo (in the movie of the same title) as a comparison to the power we can receive from the Holy Spirit that dwells within us, who we often, tragically, forget or trivialize. 


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Facing Fear, Trusting God

July 14th, 2013 · Comments

In this special message from 2013's Vacation Bible School closing program, Pastor Kevin summarizes the lessons that the kids learned during the week about Paul's roller coaster life in ministry. Listen to learn how we, like Paul, can dare to change, dare to speak up, dare to believe, dare to stand strong, and dare to trust. Special thanks to the kids who helped read the Scripture.


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Faith on Film: The Lone Ranger

July 7th, 2013 · Comments

Pastor Kevin reminds us that ministry is a team effort, where no job is superior. We all have a role to fill in the church to bring the Love of Christ to others.

Also discussed are VBS 2013 (July 8-12) and ways we can support it during the week, as well as ways we can welcome guests to the church during the closing program (July 14). 

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